Monday, 18 October 2010

Broad Buttress on Buachaille Etive Mor - 26th September 2010

Ciaran & Jeanie high up on Broad Buttress.

Ciaran getting closer to the top. Scrambling is easier now but still lovely rock.

Stuart & Jeanie at the top of Broad Buttress. Behing is the top of Great Gully which was very frosty and frozen in places. We linked up with North Buttress via a ledge visible behind us leading from Great Gully. This proved very interesting with verglassed rocks in places, had to be very carefull.

 On the summit of the Buachaille. Found a new pal who's only interest in me was some tasty food morsels!

Reiff - 4th/6th September 2010

Stuart about to rappel down to Black Gold at the Black Rocks area.

Stuart climbing Black Gold, a lovely slabby route. Great friction and well protected.

Jeanie climbing Monster Breaker at the Bouldering Cliff area.

Fishing at Reiff. Caught 4 Coalfish for dinner.

Cooking the fish over a driftwood fire. The fish were tasty. We found plenty of driftwood along the shoreline.

Jeanie climbing Slip Jig on Minch Wall, a hard finish on this one.

Stuart on Judicial Hanging, a very hard start on this route.

Jeanie on Polka, Minch Wall. A pleasant route for the grade.

Stuart on Jim Nastic, recommend this route to folk you don't like - it's evil!

Our camping spot close to the Reiff climbing. A very windy day!

A lovely Pollack from the Bay of Pigs area at Reiff. Took the lure at the top right of picture. It had quite a few other fish in it's stomach, a top predator of the fish world.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Summer Isles Arete Direct - Stac Pollaidh - 3rd September 2010

Jeanie heading up to Stac Pollaidh

 Jeanie on the 1st pitch of route

Stuart heading up the 2nd pitch

Stuart close to the top of the 3rd pitch

Rock statues!

Short & vicious crack on 4th pitch

Nearly there - midges & flying ants were a problem.