Saturday, 19 February 2011

Emel Ridge, Beinn an Dothaidh - 12th February 2011

Due to poor snow conditions with a consideable avalanche hazard in most areas we headed for Beinn an Dothaidh to climb the Emel Ridge. This picture shows Stuart approaching the Emel Ridge.

Stuart on a nice wee ramp that provided a way through the crags.

Jeanie heading up some open slopes on Emel Ridge.

The crags ahead provided the crux of the route. We had to pitch a section of steep rock and turf.

Jeanie nearing the top of the steep section.

Jeanie on the final slopes leading to the summit.

Looking towards the northern buttresses of Beinn an Dothaidh. Emel Ridge is fairly central in this picture.

Kintail 29th/30th January 2011

We stayed at the lovely Old Schoolhouse B&B in Dornie to celebrate Jeanie's birthday (long) weekend. On the Saturday we headed into Glen Shiel for a walk up the Munro Sgurr na Sgine. The following picture shows a view looking towards the Five Sisters of Kintail from near the Bealach Coire Mhalagain.

Looking from the sloopes of Sgurr na Sgine towards Stuart at the Bealach Coire Mhalagain. The visibilty diminishing.

Stuart on the summit of Sgurr na Sgine.

Jeanie on the ridge leading towards the outlying peak of Faochag.

On the Sunday we went for a shorter walk up the Corbet Sgurr Mhic Bharraich as the weather was forecast to deteriorate. This picture shows some lovely light & colours looking towards Sgurr a Gharg Gharaidh. A sprinkling of new snow overnight.

A lovely view of Jeanie with the Kintail hills behind.

 A view from the col at Loch Coire nan Crogachan, looking towards Sgurr Mhic Bharraich.

Weather starting to close in with an approaching frontal system over Beinn Sgritheall. This was our last day on the hills this weekend due to a very poor forecast for the Monday. We had a very leisurely Monday.