Monday, 18 October 2010

Reiff - 4th/6th September 2010

Stuart about to rappel down to Black Gold at the Black Rocks area.

Stuart climbing Black Gold, a lovely slabby route. Great friction and well protected.

Jeanie climbing Monster Breaker at the Bouldering Cliff area.

Fishing at Reiff. Caught 4 Coalfish for dinner.

Cooking the fish over a driftwood fire. The fish were tasty. We found plenty of driftwood along the shoreline.

Jeanie climbing Slip Jig on Minch Wall, a hard finish on this one.

Stuart on Judicial Hanging, a very hard start on this route.

Jeanie on Polka, Minch Wall. A pleasant route for the grade.

Stuart on Jim Nastic, recommend this route to folk you don't like - it's evil!

Our camping spot close to the Reiff climbing. A very windy day!

A lovely Pollack from the Bay of Pigs area at Reiff. Took the lure at the top right of picture. It had quite a few other fish in it's stomach, a top predator of the fish world.

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  1. I think you must have been well satisfied once you hit that cool green camp site! Fabulous rocks, even just to look at:)