Saturday, 13 November 2010

A Tire d'Ailefroide, Ecrins - 3rd August 2010

A view of the buttress Fissure d'Ailefroide from the campsite.

A view down to Cabey leading the 1st pitch of the route A Tire d'Ailefroide

Jeanie leading the 2nd pitch. This proved to be the most difficult pitch.

Into the sun now. Looking down the 3rd pitch to Jeanie. The campsite can be seen in the background.

Stuart on the 5th pitch. It proved to be easier than it initially looked.

Looking down from the top of 4th pitch. Cabey & Nigel can be seen in the sunshine.

Looking down the 7th pitch.

A further view down the 7th pitch. Cabey can be seen climbing.

Looking down the 8th pitch and final pitch.

Almost there! Good views from the top of the 8th pitch. The campsite can be seen and also the crags on the other side of the valley.

Stuart preparing the rope for the tricky descent. Although not as bad as it looked care was required due to the loose stones and a big drop in the gully below.

Cabey belaying Stuart as progress is made. Luckily there were some bolts in the rocks on the other side of the gully. I was later to have the misfortune of dropping Jeanie's rope at the end of it all. It was a loose & steep gully so there was no attempt made on retrieving the rope.

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